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Selling Gold Coins

Sell Gold Coins with Empire Gold Buyers

Sell Gold Coins

Gold jewelry isn't the only gold item you can sell to get cash quickly. At Empire Gold Buyers, many people sell gold coins and are impressed with the top dollar cash offers we make. We're committed to make you our next satisfied customer with fast and friendly service. Here's how to sell gold coins to Empire Gold Buyers.

Mail Your Gold Coins to Us

The first thing you need to do is give us a call at 1-888-949-3674 and request a free insured overnight FedEx Shipping envelope. This envelope is insured for up to $25,000. If you want to sell gold coins worth more than that, let us know and we'll increase the insurance. The next step for how to sell gold coins to Empire Gold Buyers is to package them and send the FedEx value envelope back to us.

Same-Day Appraisals and Offers

When we receive your items the next day, we'll make the rest of the process as easy as possible for you. Upon receiving your shipment, we give you a same day appraisal and quote, and then same-day payment once you accept our offer. If you decide to keep your gold coins, we'll then overnight everything back to you free of charge. If you decide to take our top dollar payment offer, we'll send you a check or place a direct deposit in your bank account within 24 hours of when you accept your offer. That's a huge plus over many other gold buyers, who make you wait days or weeks to receive your payment and don't give you the option to turn an offer down.

Top Dollar Payouts

The best reason to sell gold coins to Empire Gold Buyers is our top dollar payout. We can deliver the highest prices when you sell us your gold coins because we keep the entire process in-house, cutting out the middleman and allowing us to process gold in large volume with our parent company refining and purifying the gold we buy. When you sell gold coins to Empire Gold Buyers, you receive up to 96% of your gold's true market value, and up to 98.5% if you are a large volume customer.

The Empire Difference

As you learn how to sell gold coins, you'll see that many gold buyers offer only pennies on the dollar when you sell gold coins. Then they charge additional fees and reduce payouts if the gold weighs less than 10 troy ounces. At Empire Gold Buyers, we think these practices are unfair. Our maximum payout structure starts at 3 troy ounces, and we offer everyone a price close to true market value. Even small amounts of gold coins can earn you top dollar with us.

Once you know how to sell gold coins with Empire Gold Buyers, we know you'll agree that the process is fast, easy, and convenient. Start capitalizing on your unwanted gold items today and earn big cash for your gold.

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Payout - Per Ounce of Gold

KARAT 1oz TO 3oz 3oz TO 25oz 25oz TO 50oz
10 K $465.37 $496.40 $506.74
14 K $652.86 $696.38 $710.89
18 K $837.00 $892.80 $911.40
22 K $1,022.26 $1,090.41 $1,113.12
24 K $1,104.84 $1,178.50 $1,203.05
DENTAL $743.26 $792.81 $809.32
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